Chief Marketing Officer

Mr. Sarfati is a Digital Media expert, specializing in developing brand recognition and improving revenues. As a Growth Hacker, he most recently spearheaded the creation of a new Cannabis Space category (CBD capsules), elevating his client, a startup company, to $25k in first-month sales, with placement in California’s top organic market (featured in US weekly).

Employing content marketing and targeted social media advertising with behavioral psychology, Mr. Sarfati identifies and analyzes resulting market trends and metrics; and he then directs business operations to maintain top performance. Over the past five years, Mr. Sarfati helped: four startups to go viral, seven companies get acquired (exit plan), three to grow into franchises and seven others develop into multi-million dollar companies.

He wrote an e-Book on social media branding and is himself a Social Media Influencer and collaborator. In 2018 alone, he directed three digital media campaigns, each netting six-figure results.