Formulator & Science Director / Co-Founder

Dr. la Rive is a robotics engineer, a former aerospace-engineer-contractor for Stennis Space Center NASA, in the manufacturing side of automation, manufacturing, chemical and liquids manufacturing, as well as a robotics R&D engineer. Although her holds a PhD in Engineering, Dr. la Rive’s understanding of the interrelated nature of the Sciences makes him very valuable to NASA—while working in the Aerospace Department, he helped a Rover to land on the Planet Mars; he invented the Radiant Barrier, which kept the radiation and heat out of the Space Shuttle and is still used in space suits and throughout Industry; and he specialized in Nanotechnology and created the nutrient-delivery system for their astronauts time in zero gravity.

He also worked formerly in sickle cell anemia gene therapy creating Nano-bots, which entered the bloodstream in order to locate the errant cell and cut off the sickle. For TMB’s purposes, Dr. la Rive uses his vast wheelhouse in subatomic delivery systems to create organic, plant-based product formulations. As a Master Engineer, he designed and built a L’Oréal Cosmetic’s original bottling facility outside of Paris, France, four (4) Coca Cola bottling facilities and a bio-fuel refinery in Op, Alabama.