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I Put CBD Oil On My Face And My Face Did Not Get High

....So when I heard about TresMonet, a seemingly magical serum that combines CBD oil and stem cells to make faces super-calm and newborn baby-like, I was so in. Despite, or possibly because of, the $1,250 (for 30 mL, or $120 for 2mL) price tag—which, whoa—I figured it was worth seeing what this was all about and reporting back.

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Would You Pay $1,250 For An Ounce Of CBD Skincare Created By A NASA Engineer? TresMonet Is Betting On it.

....PJ LaRive, a 17-year veteran of NASA, engineer and current president of TresMonet, also played a key role in Dannel’s beauty industry conversion. LaRive conceived TresMonet’s formula to allow CBD to thrive alongside stem cells. To execute the formula, he turned to labs at three universities: one to handle CBD, a second to perfect the stem cells and a third for the combination.

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New Skin Care Products And Treatments To Try Right Now

....A brand to watch is TresMonet. The skincare company is making potent serums that include stem and hemp extracts.  

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