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Imagine a cup of coffee that puts you in a good mood.

TresMonet’s proprietary all natural Full Spectrum Hemp formula is hand crafted to reduce the harmful effects of various forms of anxiety that are brought on by caffeine.

BonUmor Coffee has an irresistible aroma & rich nutty flavor. It’s a versatile coffee that can be enjoyed according to your tastes:

• Cappuccino
• Drip brew
• Espresso
• Iced coffee

Dosage: Each 8 oz cup delivers 1000mg Full Spectrum Hemp

1. Scoop 1.5 tbsp of coffee grounds per cub.
2. Fill coffee filter or espresso holder.
3. Brew on stovetop or in coffee maker.
4. Enjoy!

Lab Tested

Made in the USA
No High

• Full Spectrum Hemp Infused Organic Colombian Beans
• 1000mg Full Spectrum Hemp per 8 oz cup
Certified Organic by the Department of Agriculture

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BonUmor Coffee BonUmor Coffee BonUmor Coffee BonUmor Coffee BonUmor Coffee