TresMonet Skincare Testimonial - Razor Bumps

I LOVE THE SOOTHING BALM! Dancing on a steel stage 8 shows a week can wreak havoc on my body. I also deal with chronic pain due to a neck injury. Painkillers and muscle relaxers didn't help, and they made me feel lethargic.
Within 20 minutes of applying the Soothing CBD Balm, my neck, and shoulder pain were gone!! I’ve recommended this product to all my friends. I am in love and so grateful for this TresMonet Soothing Balm.
Syndee Winters
Broadway Star (Lion King, Hamilton)
Scores rave reviews. After consistent use for a couple of weeks, every single client comes to me gushing about their skin!
Talya T, Dangene Spa
Truly a ‘Fountain of Youth’ in a bottle.
Phillia K.D.
After one week, my skin is just glowing. It looks so plump and juicy—which sounds crazy at age 63. My wrinkles have reduced, and my overall skin texture is just amazing. Thank you, TresMonet!
Monique P.
Los Angeles
Astounding! Within two weeks, my third-degrees burns were completely healed--with no scarring. I actually saw & felt a major difference in one day! !’ve never used a product that gives such impressive results.
Lelehnia D.
I’m 85 yeas old. In 1975, I injured my back while horseback riding. As age progressed, so did the pain. Pills offered some relief, but the tiredness made it impossible to function, so I rarely took them.
One pot of BonUmor and I began to see relief from the pain—with no sleepiness. I will never be without the relief that I get from BonUmor Coffee, by TresMonet. My life has changed in a way I never thought possible.
Roy S.
Gives me a quiet focus, with no jitters—and it delicious!
Yvonne P.
St. Louis
During 27 years of experience, I was always, ‘If you’re not hurting, then you’re doing something wrong.’ Well, TresMonet’s 2000mg per-application CBD Balm changed my thinking!
My shoulder & traps pain vanished! And general muscle strains & tears don’t interfere with my training anymore. TresMonet’s CBD balms give the quickest & most effective pain relief that I’ve ever found. Look no further!
Former Kickboxing
After 20 minutes, I felt a lovely full-body hum. It was almost like my body was thanking me.
Clint R.
Los Angeles
I am a 28-year-old female, diagnosed in 2013 with PTSD, while serving in the military. Prior TresMonet CB1 Hemp Capsules, I had up to three panic attacks a day. When I take the CB1 Caps, I am not as easily triggered, like my body is trying to respond in a different way, and I am not as easily worked up.
I have taken countless depression/anxiety medications (Prozac, Wellbutrin and Zoloft, etc), but prescription meds never worked for me. They caused: suicidal thoughts, extreme nausea, weight gain/weight loss, fatigue, restlessness. While taking the TresMonet CB1 Capsules, I experience no negative side effects. I believe in this product.
Randi W
New Orleans